Spend less time managing the bookkeeping & more time practicing law.

Level Accounting & Tax Provides the Best Accounting Solutions for Lawyers

We know that your law firm bookkeeping entails time-consuming, often redundant tasks that require diligence and attention to detail even after a long day of serving your clients. Level Accounting & Tax gives you the freedom to automate those tasks, like managing transactions, creating invoices, processing payroll, and tracking your accounts receivable. If you’re already using a program like QuickBooks, Level Accounting & Tax integrates with your current accounting software to learn your processes and adds the automation you may currently lack with your administrative tasks.

Superior AI and Senior Accountants for Your Law Firm Bookkeeping Needs

Level Accounting & Tax combines skilled accountants with automated data entry through machine learning and AI to provide high-quality law firm accounting software solutions. Get incredible insight into your financials with unlimited reporting, beautiful dashboards, and round-the-clock support. With a general ledger and unique dashboard customized for your needs, you’ll have real-time access to your financials so you easily understand your margins and can make changes on the fly.

Unmatched Value

Fully automate your daily bookkeeping tasks—including payments and invoicing—without hiring or training a full-time bookkeeper. Get accurate, customized billing for all your clients based on whatever method you prefer. Gain complete visibility into important financial statements that help you evaluate cash flow and profit and loss. Easily reconcile bank, credit card, and vendor statements. Get a solution that’s faster, cheaper, and more reliable than traditional bookkeeping!

Level Accounting & Tax Is Your Law Firm Accounting Solution

Level Accounting & Tax software solutions for lawyers allow you to seamlessly integrate with software you’re already using, like QuickBooks, for your law firm’s bookkeeping needs. We give you insight into your cost of operations, trends that reveal your key performance indicators, and even expenses that weren’t originally recorded—so you can make appropriate adjustments to your entries.