You run the business. We’ll handle your bookkeeping.

Level Tax Dental Accounting Services

Dentists are in the business of educating their patients about oral health while creating beautiful, healthy smiles. But when they decide to open their own practices, they take on the role of the business owner too. The responsibilities of working in their profession while effectively operating a business are incredibly challenging. That’s why Level Accounting & Tax is here to help.

Save Time and Focus on Patients

Dentists often find they lack the time to build their practices. They have to run reports and evaluate the performance of their businesses, manage team members, and find ways to increase profitability. We understand that for dentists to evaluate overall performance, they need to refer to their income statements, which determine cash flow into the practice, cash flow out of the practice, and the remaining balance. Inputting the data required to produce these essential financial documents is a tedious and time-consuming task. It’s time to leave some of those worries to the pros. Level Accounting & Tax dental accounting services organize your financial documents and make it easy to transition back to a more singular focus on oral health and pearly white smiles.

Get Started Today

Level Accounting & Tax is so confident you will prefer our services over your current bookkeeper or outsourced firm, that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If within the first 30 days of signing with Level Accounting & Tax you decide to return to your prior bookkeeper or outsourced firm, we will refund half of all the fees paid prior to receiving a written request for termination. Try our bookkeeping services today!

Superior AI and Senior Accountants

We’ve tailored hundreds of dental bookkeeping services for dental practices and have decades of accounting expertise. With Level Accounting & Tax you can:

  • Monitor your accounts receivable and report on the financial health of your dental practice
  • Provide budgeting help and financial projections
  • Prevent scheduling gaps, ensuring that your scheduling practices support your financial goals
  • Provide comprehensive insights to the total monthly operational costs (equipment, supplies, payroll) of your dental practice

Unmatched Accuracy

With 99.97% accuracy, Level Accounting & Tax is your futuristic bookkeeping solution. Rather than a slow, error-prone and costly human bookkeeper, Level Accounting & Tax provides you with a robotic bookkeeper assisted by skilled accountants to automate your bookkeeping and accounting.